Photographer: Alasdair Russell

Designer: Niro Wang

MUAH: Snowkei Lan

Model: Sophie @Bookings Models


那是我第一次跟中國設計師NIRO WANG的合作

NIRO很細心且友善 拍攝前很仔細地跟我溝通每個細節



那天我們去一個木材廠拍照 因為NIRO跟這個工廠訂了一些木製的秀場背景道具

所以拍照使用現場居然是免~費~ 真是太難得了 沒聽過可以免費租場地的說XD


NIRO的衣服都是麻布材質 圖案都很少女很夢幻 穿起來通風又舒服

他說他的品牌主要TARGET是亞洲市場 想起來也是很適合


攝影師是NIRO的朋友 他是拍底片的 底片的質感跟數位的質感很不一樣

剛好這種質感也是NIRO想要的 所以大家都很高興


然後媽斗是剛從雪梨來的紅髮小女生SOPHIE 剛到倫敦水土不服長了滿臉的大紅痘

設計師早上看到媽斗時嚇一大跳想說完蛋了 還好上完遮瑕全都蓋住了讓他虛驚一場

本來NIRO希望我幫媽斗畫上眉毛 (因為SOPHIE的眉毛是金的 然後很稀疏) 跟眼線睫毛

但是我建議他不要 因為很多GINGER MODEL一畫上眉毛就顯老

然後眼線睫毛就是女人味 但因為NIRO想要的感覺是小女生的感覺



後來NIRO相信我的專業 成果他也很滿意 完全就是他腦海裡想像的畫面這樣


頭髮的部分 NIRO想要的是很亂的包包頭 一開始我梳得比較整齊他還不喜歡

後來梳得隨性一點他反而很愛 然後風越大越吹越亂他越高興 哈哈哈





工作開心 開心工作!



That was the first time I worked with the Chinese designer- Niro Wang.

He's a friendly and thoughtful person,

I could still remember he made sure we knew all the details for the shoot.

All of his collection are made of linen, with all the girly and dreamy patterns.

During that shoot, I also got to know some new friends since we all work in the fashion industry.


The photographer always shoots in Film,

the texture of the pictures is quite different to those from digital ones.

However, this kinda texture was what Niro wanted, so we were all happy with that.


Sophie, the Model, is from Sydney, Australia. She's a pretty redhead, browless and with lovely freckles.

Niro thought to add eyebrows ,eyeliner and mascara on her face but I suggested him not to.

From my experiences, ginger models will look a lot more mature if you try to color their blonde eyebrows.

I successfully convinced Niro to keep her look clean and minimum...

all I did was covered all the pimples on her face... although you can't see in the photos!

Sophie just arrived in London by that time, 

so she still got some skin problems from weather changing/time differences...

For the hair, Niro wanted it to be extremely natural and messy.

I made a tidy bun then he asked me to make it messier. 



After this shoot, I also worked with Niro for his AW16 collection,

which will be posting here in near future.



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