Photographer: Natasha Yonan

Stylist: Tamima El Narsh

MUA: Snowkei Lan

Model: Emma Carryl

還記得這個攝影師是好像以色列女孩 從小在開羅長大

後來在倫敦念書 住在超舒適富人區St. John's Wood這邊


攝影師人非常好 是個家教超好的小女生 友善有禮貌又親切這樣



平常在五星級飯店工作 晚上唱唱歌表演這樣



粉底顏色我還調得出來 但是頭髮我就沒辦法了


弄直真的很麻煩很麻煩 就算已經離子燙過的女生要弄直可能都要一兩小時


因為她們髮質關係 頭髮很捲 但是髮質遇熱很容易斷裂 

所以可能用產品吹直是可以的 太高溫她們蠻排斥的



這天的妝很繽紛 本來攝影師想要得更多

但是我建議她不要貪心 不然會反效果

歷經了許多SHOOT的磨練之後 終於知道該怎麼去跟人家溝通了XD

不然以前真的很不敢開口這樣 哈哈哈哈


人家說怎樣怎樣我都NO NO NO 


The photographer is from somewhere in middle east, and was raised in Cairo.

She's a really nice girl with good manners,

who came to London for uni, and lives in a posh area- St. John's Wood.


the Model for the shoot was a singer/model- Emma.

She works in a 5 stars hotel during the daytime and sings in the pubs at night.

To be honest I don't have a clue for afro hair LOL

what products/brushes should I use on that kind of hair texture???

I could do the dark skin makeup... but afro hair? Ummmmm  

Sometimes for photoshoots hair stylists need to make afro hair straight or even fuzzier ... 

However, it'll take a REALLY LONG time to get it straight...

Also afro models don't enjoy straightner or shall we say they normally AVOID electrical tools. 

blowdrying is fine but everything else NO.


the idea of makeup was to be COLORFUL.

Natasha wanted to have some more on the model's eyes,

Anyway I told her not to, otherwise that wouldn't be fashionable at all.


after being involved in all these shoots here, I finally realized how to communicate with ppl.

at the beginning I was not confident enough for my English speaking so I just stayed quiet...

and NOW I'm just such a DIVA at the shoots!!! 


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